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  • Estella (8 km)
  • Lácar (2 km)
  • Pamplona (35 km)
  • Logroño (50 km)


The town of Lorca - Navarra - is located in the Yerri valley. It belongs to the Estella region. It is a beautiful area from where you can access many places of interest. Lorca is part of the Camino de Santiago. People from all over the world walk down Calle Mayor with a stop in the plaza, next to the fountain.

From the terrace we have the views of the whole town, we watch the kites fly and we greet the pilgrims who pass by the house. It is an opportunity for those who like to meet other people and practice languages, but also to find that much desired calm and comfort.

In our town there is a restaurant with a bar. A very complete rural food store, where they make sausage, black pudding, homemade !! with special village attention. Several hiking and biking tours depart from Lorca, ideal for families and also other more demanding tours. We are passionate about sports, you can consult us to make routes around. The royal gorge of Tauste crosses our territory from south to north, from the almost deserted plains of the Bardenas Reales, to the forested mountain range of Andía. Our town is typical of the middle zone, with stone houses, and a natural source that does not run out. A church and a social premises.